Friday, January 17, 2020

Kind words Via Google Reviews

7 hours ago-
This is one of those one of a kind restaurants ! We were able to reserve a table cause there were 5 of us .
We had a friendly welcome as we entered the Tipper restaurant, it's not too bright and easy on the eyes.
I was surprised they had Buffalo burgers on the menu, so I ordered one and it was very good cooked perfectly ! I had a 1/2 order of a salad and fries which were one of the tastiest fries I have eaten , we also ordered 2 pasta dishes and chowder and regular hamburger , which were all very good .
Also our server Patricia was very nice and got all our orders perfect , which was important because my wife has food allergies .
The restaurant has various artists works all over the walls which are quite interesting and funny specially Batman with fishnet stockings and high heels 😜 ?
The place was very clean as were the restrooms, the food prices were reasonable and they had some beer at special prices which were also good .
It was an all round good experience and we will be back 😎👌

Juul Habraken
4 days ago
Cat Rey
a week ago-
I am a regular attendee of groups that utilize the space at the Tipper and host/arrange events there. I often show up early, seat myself at the bar or a table with my e book or laptop, ask for a glass of water and just hang out until my event starts. The staff is fun, engaging and on point with keeping my water glass filled and has never (even not knowing that I am meeting there with a group later) questioned me taking up a seat where a paying or paying customers could be sitting depending on where I choose to sit.

I have always enjoyed the food I order, as well as, my friends food cause they share theirs with me sometimes because their orders are a good size and they often have more than they can eat! I am a lucky cat!

I love the Tipper and I wish it was in my neighbourhood. I would make it a more regular haunt of mine.

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