Friday, May 21, 2010

Chris Arruda with Painted Cities & Tim Parent May 22

Singer Songwriter Chris Arruda

May 22nd @ The Bottle Tipper (Vancouver) w/ Painted Cities + Tim Parent

Doors: 8pm

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Recent Tipper Review

L***** G.

Vancouver, BC

Updated - 4/9/2010

The Tipper has definitely turned into a good place to go in the Eastside.
Though Victoria/Kingsway is blessed with a lot of Vietnamese/South Asian/Chinese fare, it's often tough to find good burgers, good breakfasts, and that relaxed, neighbourhood ambience that makes you want to stay.

That happened the other day: we were sauntering down Victoria when a monsoon hit and we ran for cover. And what a port in the storm! Good coffee, excellent cheesecakes, and the feeling we'd walked into an sitcom "Friends/Seinfeld" episode.

Later in the week, a friend whose food advice is trusted suggested it as THE new place to meet for dinner. He was right, and I was so familiar with it, I hadn't even thought to make the suggestion.

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The Bottle Tipper.
Fairly average all around. Menu - average. Service - average. Decor - average.
We eat here on a semi regular basis, having a like/like relationship with the place. We've never had an awful experience here, otherwise we'd not return. Staff is friendly. Last time we visited the owner remarked on my sketching. I have a habit of sketching on napkins while drinking my coffee. Often I leave them on the table, wondering if the waitstaff recognizes themselves in my doodles....It made me feel special and almost famous somehow. Nice personal touch but the menu needs something.... breakfast could benefit nicely by the addition of an eggs benedict.