Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good conduct reviewed. Thanks Andrew

ON THE PLATE: How to be a food blogger

by: Andrew Morrison of the Westender

this is what Andrew wrote....... LINK.... Click here!

love food & hope you do too!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Don't be shy - feedback is good.

Dear; Recent Review writer... I'm Sorry, please contact us at

In case you don't say hi. Service was good... Pls Don't be shy when the server asks how everything is. We want to know, that is why we ask! Please let us know while you are here - if you are not enjoying your 1st meal with us. We would rally at the chance to help find a menu item you enjoy.

An independent restaurant that cares - and really wants you to enjoy your meal, & consider it friendly when guests choose to let us know if there is a concern. It might be as simple as being prepared incorrectly, sampling a new product, or just not your thing.

also, Don't be shy - if you are using a coupon - we invited you to do so. :)

Recently added to the Tipper's on line ness- all reviews are forwarded to us.
The Tipper listens to customers, reads reviews and cares!