Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Tipper’s Hours

December 24th  9am -4:30pm

December 25th Closed

December 26th 9am -8:30pm

December 31st 8am -10pm

January 1st 9am -9pm

Friday, December 18, 2015

Just found this on line by Paul Reid back in 2013. Thanks Paul!

Tipper Restaurant and Review Room

2066 Kingsway ( Kingsway & Victoria )
Open  8:00 am to 10:00 pm
 Daily Specials, Events, Fresh Local Food
Greetings food fans. For the third time in a row now people we are venturing to that strip of Kingsway, between Nanaimo and Victoria, just in time to catch the Tipper as it celebrates it fifth birthday (as of May 15).
The Tipper is that little piece of coolness that somehow broke off from Main or Commercial and drifted East to an area much in need of such. If you haven’t checked out this east-side eatery, featuring delicious west coast classics for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then you must.
So what has happened in five years? “We are much more tied in to the community now,” says the owner, Colin. “People have gotten to know us and they have witnessed the integrity. It hasn’t been easy though and we did not celebrate our fifth anniversary too much since we still have some things to iron out.”
Always listening to feedback and changing accordingly, Colin does feel, though, that the Tipper has worked past its initial growing pains, now with a steady clientele of regulars who will swear, “The Tipper Rocks!”
A quick look to an online foodie forum such as reveals that the locals are lovin’ the Tipper. With an average of four stars (out of five), the reviewers appreciate the awesome food, attentive service and comfortable atmosphere. Here are some of their quotes:  “best that it gets,” “Perfect little gem,” “Old school good service!” “Great food and great service–definitely one of my fave spots in Vancouver.” “I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect breakfast. Found it!” “Good flavours with a feeling of home cooking. I’ve been satisfied every time!” “Hands down the best omelet I’ve ever had and that’s saying quite a bit!”
I, too, love the Tipper. On this occasion, I acquainted myself with one of Tipper’s Steak Sandwich with a side of those awesome fries with chipotle mayo. And of course an ice-cold pint to wash it down, a Red Truck lager. With pints going for $4 ($5 for a giant one!), you can’t go wrong.
Aside from the awesome food, Colin has followed through with his initial vision to help local artists. The walls serve as a rotating gallery featuring local artists and the Review Room in the back is home for local musicians and performers. (Visit the website for upcoming bookings). You too can book the back room. Talk  with Colin to iron out the details. Way to go Colin!
Bon appetit.
Copyright (c) 2013 Renfrew-Collingwood Community News

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Recent review On yelp.

4.0 star rating
Been there twice now. Pretty standard fair, really nice staff. Solid fries, but when I ordered the buffalo burger it seemed like the patty was dry or cooked from frozen, which wouldn't have been a huge problem if It didn't cost $16+.

Thanks John for waiting until your second visit to write a review. Would like to thank you too for letting us know that the buffalo burger you ate was perceived to be dry. I say perceived because we didn't discuss it in the restaurant, I read it in the review you wrote. Although, it's such a lean product that Yes it can be over cooked in just a few moments and I / we appreciate the feedback. Especially since we are extra passionate about our Buffalo and want all to enjoy.

Will also let you know that The product is Fresh from Famous foods where we shop daily. Not frozen, not.

Also for all those Fresh, Free Run, Organic Buffalo Burger eaters a Fresh hand pressed 6oz patty in your burger that comes with real cheddddar and a generous side at 15.50 plus tax (which we do not control) is great value. Actually should be up for review for a little increase to reflect the cost and time put into the product. 

You are correct a dry buffalo burger isn't fun and one of our really nice staff would like to hear about it when it is in front of you & we can fix it no fuss. 

Please say hi if you choose to join us again.

all the best - Colin

Friday, December 4, 2015

December 5th: Brian den Hertog & Jill Russel. Dinner from 5:30, Doors 7:15, Show 8pm

Running Gallery: Avelina Stanier Cruz
Curated by Matt W Bowen

 Paintings are for sale, as always with 100% of the proceeds going to the Artist.

Events & Bookings:

December 5:          Brian den Hertog & Jill Russel 
Hosted by Dave Lidstone
Contact -

December 19:        Seasonal Extravaganza 
Five gift boxes of songs and tunes from all your favourite performers here at the Tipper Supper Series.
Contact -

January 16:            Just Duets 
Andrea Smith & Dave Lidstone
Just Duets means good songs and good tunes, well sung and well played. Simple as that.
Contact -

February 20:           ErRatica
Bernard Gobin , Cameron Stewart, Don Davidson & Jane Slemon
Your all-purpose kitchen band, performing original material and songs and tunes   
from a variety of folk traditions.
Contact -

March 19:               Little Mountain Trio 
Rob McGregor, Kitty King, & Dave Lidstone
More than Bluegrass, Country and Swing
Contact -

April 16:              Fraser Union
Barry Truter, Henk Picket, & Roger Holdstock
Diverse and seasoned performers with strong folk roots, You'll be singing along.

Show : 10$ per person at the door
Dinner : ala cart (earlier is better)
Restaurant Reservations : are not required for this special night. (it's quicker for all if the restaurant isn't holding tables)

Dinner Payment: we are happy to accept  Debit....  CASH is much quicker for everyone.

Weekly Meetings:

Thursdays:     12pm        AA Meeting in the Review Room

Sundays:        8:30am     AA Meeting in the Review Room