Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tuesday Rambles with a Coffee

Please stay home, order in, pick up your eats. Please stay home and practice safe distancing.

The quickness of this event has been heart breaking and heart warming.

It breaks my heart to see our neighbours, regulars, friends, have to close their shops, us having to lay off fantastic friends who chose to work here.

Myself who was in the shop solo today ya know cleaning, managing the food systems, Doing ROEs. I had a few regulars tap on the window, made them their usual eats, had a nice chat (from a distance) so it was a rather positive day. A day where I could spend more time engaging in the reals of life.

After my usual 6am - 6pm because I'm still programmed to do so and the mop pail needed to be sos ed. Not going to eat from my own restaurant kitchen, not today. My Neighbours to the west of us are offering take out and delivery within 5k. Me, I'm standing out front with my phone looking at the menu to order. they come out and another kind chat takes place. They are passing along well wishes to My sister who also is a key part of the Tipper. We finally get to the food part, their phone number programmed into my phone just about to hit send, Yes, here to order your eats! I had a better than nothing day x9 single orders I tell them, I'm here to support you. Nope they would not accept my payment.... In the tough times some people really have the chance to shine. Plus, the food was fantastic.

Look I'm not a writer, in fact the lacking is a gift that contributes to this persons ever moving forward. At this point. Clearly Don't have one of the long list of pals who have proof read my intentions over the years, help with the formalities of word speak. It took a while to see that it was a thing, a gift, a humble way to get vibes passed to smarter people with kind hearts. With thanks to all of you kind proof reading sounding boards.

 apologies can type faster than I can talk so it get wordy.

Colin Shandler

Kind Words from Will

Will C.
Grandview-Woodland, Vancouver, BC
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Ok straight up 5 stars to the homie head chef. I called in to get myself a nice burger and poutine in the middle of all this chaos, not even sure if they'd be open. And my guy answers saying that his kitchen isn't open rn but he can fire up is grill and get us the grub we want. I wasn't expecting anything but what I got was excellent customer service.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Tipper Update March 18th 2020

Posted on Mar 18, 2020

The Tipper Restaurant & Review Room

604-873-1010 to order ahead for Take out eats
We Prefer meals be served Via Pick Up orders Today.
Limited dining in while practicing spacing As per The Authourities request.
We care about you, your families along with our staff.
Gift Certificates are also available for future visits.
easiest way we can see right now is via E-transfer so you can have a personalized copy in your hand without leaving your home. Colin@thetipperrestaurant.com
Limited dining in while practicing spacing As per The Authorities request. keep yourself safe along with others

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Closed for March 17th as per the city wide request.

604-873-1010 to order ahead for Take out eats


All meals will be served Via Pick Up orders Today As per The Cities request.

If you are not feeling well... please follow the recommended guidelines and keep yourself safe along with others.

Gift Certificates are also available for future visits

Sunday, March 15, 2020

kindly remember the small shops on the block.

kindly remember the small shops on the block.
Share this message if it resonates with your heart.
Kelly's Beauty salon
2038 Kingsway, Vancouver · 604-871-0166
Kings Men's barbers
2072 Kingsway, Vancouver BC V5N 2T3 604-879-1614
Not sure how to Support them?
Purchase Gift Certificates
Write a Kind review
Tell a friend or two
Book future appointments
Consider a donation when cancelling short term.
(insist even when they decline)
Stay Calm, take care of your neighbours, friends and family.
- The Tipper