Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Supper Concert: Pearl 8pm @TheTipper Supper from 5:30pm

November 3   - Pearl 8pm

November 17 - Singer Songwriters: Keith Bennett, Rueben Gurr, Ali Romanow,
                         Hosted by Berry Truter 8pm
December 1   - Andy Vine 8pm
December 15 - Just Duets 8pm

Coming in 2013

Jan 5   - Little Mountain Trio
Jan 19 - Neighbourhood Night
Feb 2  - Dark Willow & Tom
Feb 16 - Highrise Lonesome
Mar 2   - Brighter Lights Thicker Glasses
Mar 16 -  Songwriters Showcase
Mar 30 - Quartet a tete
April 6  - Youth Showcase
April 20 - Fraser Union

Show : 10$ per person at the door
Dinner : ala cart (earlier is better)
Reservations : are not required for this special night. ( it's quicker for all if the restaurant isn't holding tables)

Dinner Payment: we are happy to accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit....  CASH is much quicker for everyone.

Running Gallery: Vanscapes    Paintings are for sale, as always with 100% of the proceeds going to the Artist.

Featured Review on Yelp..... Thanks from @TheTipper

Photo of Shae A.
Vancouver, BC
5.0 star rating
4/18/2012 ROTD 9/19/2012
Now THIS is what I'm talking about!  Vancouver needs more of this.  It was like a healthier version of my fave thing when I eat out: a chicken burger with yam fries.  The yam fries were like hand cut with no extra garbage on them and the burger came with a gluten free bun.  AWESOME!  The chicken was delicious!  My boyfriend had a regular burger with cheese and mushrooms and bacon.  It looked so good.  He devoured it and loved it.

The service was very friendly.  (Only he didn't come by the table to ask how the meal was because if he had I would have asked for more mayo for the burger.  [I love mayo to death.  The burger could have used more sauce.]  He came at the end.  It doesn't bother me too much though since he was super nice.)  I liked that they have a sign 'seat yourselves' so we could sit where ever we wanted.  I find it annoying in a restaraunt when it's not busy and then they seat you in some crap spot so it's nice to have freedom of choice.  haha  I liked the decor with some local art and the casual vibe.  It makes me feel like I could come here anytime.

So happy to find a place that offers gluten free food that tastes so good and fresh and isn't a rip-off price served alongside glutenous food, so that it just feels like I'm normal.  We will definately go back!  Can't wait!  I want it now!
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Recent Tipper Review on Yelp

Vancouver, BC
4.0 star rating
10/20/2012 1 Check-in Here
Tipper started off great. The Sever greeted me by offering a place to park bicycle inside the restaurant. I was seated at window table which I enjoy. Tipper had a large menu. I had the beef burger with Cajun spices, jalapenos and mayo. Very tasty served with a cup of Chile for $12 bucks. Coffee was good and they offer refills. View out the window included the largest Golden Arches Sign in Town and its buzy parking area to the left and Days Inn with all the charm of a Funeral Parlor to the right. Read the Vancouver Sun while waiting for my food. The server was chatty in a pleasant and noticed my blood donor sticker on my shirt told about her recent donor experience.  The Chile was very hardy but mild really a meal it's self if you like it hot there as a bottle of mango hot sauce standing by at the table. Kitchen look clean and organized and they have a neat room if the back for events. Overall I really enjoyed my visit even though I either missed or was stood up by my lunch guests although the Tipper is a little off the beaten path for it was worth the effort to find it.

Jobs @TheTipper

The Tipper is growing. 

Hiring experienced line cooks, or the right kitchen manager - chef. Please message me directly if you are the candidate or know someone who is. Thanks for all the recommendations so far. 

No phone calls please, send resumes to 
feedback@thetipperrestaurant.com or
drop in with your resume between 2-4pm Monday -Thursday. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

A note from "C" My Name is Colin Shandler

My Name is Colin Shandler .... not "C" and I do take responsibility for my co workers.

In regards to a recent note where there isn't a way to contact the customer directly and they have posted their note for the world. It's simple just like our menu... Not Fancy - Just Fresh!  We are a good times place, and we would like to share it with fun genuine people. From time to time with all restaurants mistakes are made, food, or flavours are not what was expected etc. We fix it no fuss.

Who feels the need to get up from the table and return the food to the kitchen passthru before the server could run the remaining items. In my time as a General Manager I haven't seen anyone do that at Milestone's, SJP, A&W or Moxie's. Further; if you are not fine, please do not say that you are, that isn't genuine now is it? esp after the entire bill was taken care of, not just the person who had the incorrect meal.

Choices have been made - I do make a point of hiring genuine people who get to be them selves while they serve the food people thankfully choose to order. Wear what they like, might even show a few tattoos...

Servers not Servants.

I honor and support the calls my staff make, if they choose not to serve someone who is intoxicated, obnoxious, rude, etc... well sorry you will have to visit us another day. This also goes for the kitchen staff, if they choose not to cook something based on quality, freshness etc... then we do not serve it.

Our marketing is light due to being community focused - we do get to know a large number of our customers and they get to know us.

Once again, We fix it no fuss... it's not a big deal, we want all to be happy.

My internal approach is People, Product, Profit.

People come first!

We don't cook with Margerine, Bennys have fresh cool ingredients in them too, and almost everyone has a pocket with a few pennies.

"C" ;)

The Tipper