Thursday, January 9, 2020

3 days ago
Absolutely terrible service and even worse food. Don't waste your money.
Response from the ownera minute ago
Hi Jennifer, thank you for this note. Please give me a call directly at 604-873-1010 not too sure when you were in for a visit? We care about each person, table, group, meal. More information might help me address your concerns. -Colin

Public Reply: For little Restaurants that care about the neighbourhood, the quality of nourishment they serve, providing a unassuming space, non-plastic service with no suggestive selling. Not fancy. After a review with little details or contact... this is the best time to visit. The owner has worked daily, often from open to close to identify and correct possible concerns. Besides a Friday night when a meetup group booking jumped by 30 plus people and put immense strain on our humble operation... Bookings are now required to update us within x5 of expected guests. All has been as it should. Quality eats, sourced locally, served by happy persons who get to be them selves. We've had 12 years to work out a lot of the kinks, it's a unique space, we do the best with what we have, a low carbon, sustainable choice for those who care about such things... - Colin Shandler

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