Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chika Buston & Eddie Lam July 31

A note from Chika....

Hello everyone, hope this finds you well and at peace with everything! Much thanks to everyone who made it out to our show last saturday at the Cafe Montmartre; my bandmates and I all felt it was a marvelous evening of music, good eats & drinks, and overall good vibes. Our successes are deeply rooted in the positive presence of others, and we cannot be more grateful for all the support we have continuously received from friends,... family, and future friends we have yet to have the pleasure of meeting.

Once again, my bandmates and I are hosting a concert, this time at a really fantastic lounge space at a restaurant called "the Bottle Tipper", also fondly known simply as "the Tipper". Since its inception, the Tipper Review Room has embraced the full scope of local art, ranging from the visual arts to diverse comedy and musical acts. In addition to supporting Vancouver's arts and culture community, the Tipper has also maintained a mandate of serving deliciously fresh food, to which I can personally attest! Especially for anyone of vegetarian leanings, a meal at the Tipper is not to be passed up. Please feel free to check out the Tipper's Blog and Facebook Page:

For anyone that hasn't caught us before, my group is presently comprised of two wonderful players; Nic Bermudez on electric bass and Josh Dubland on drums. Together, we've been playing music mostly in the ranges of mellow latin jazz, various folk and instrumental styles, and have made it a point to always enjoy ourselves! It would be wonderful to have you join us on the 31st for an evening spell of music, wining, and dining!

***Guest TBA
****For reservations, please call (604)-873-1010.