Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 18th

Tipper's Hours

Monday  May 18th

9am - 9pm

 we prefer if you save your coupons (invites to try our eats) for a non holiday. 

Coupons will not excepted on May 18th my dear

Monday, May 11, 2015

We're here, because you were here.

Originally posted May 15th 2014

Yes it's a free market system we live in. However, We thank those who supported The Tipper during the tough times and there were, are tough times.

It's True. We're here, because you were here.

Major news paper no need for reviews on us, not that we wouldn't do well, or poorly.. just not interested in false growth. We opened in 2008 and had a extremely tough time until the end of 2012 & proud to say we earned being open serving the Community. The first few years we could have used the boost, and Now other FANTASTIC eateries need it more than we do. Please use your written words wisely and help them out with the attention, they will still have to do their part and earn loyalty.

This goes for foodies on the also, if you love food, vs love to eat, hear yourself type and blog, know the effort that goes into the process daily. You & Your words count and can help good quiet places grow. Love the food & the efforts :)



Liquids & Solids

Thank You lil' restaurant!