Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tipper's 2010 Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours

December 16 8am-4pm

December 24 9am-3pm

December 25 Closed

December 26 8am-9pm

December 31 8am-8pm

January 1 9am-9pm

Thanks for the notes!

Rating Post Date

5.00 5.00 The Tipper Restaurant

The Tipper is my home away from home :)

— A Meetup member

Sunday, December 12, 2010

5.00 5.00 The Tipper Restaurant

This Meetup member did not leave a review

Saturday, December 11, 2010

5.00 5.00 The Tipper Restaurant

Love it. The back room is private and the stage is great for babies. Unfortunately I spent $26 on food because Maggie and I ate lunch there, so it has the potential to be a pricier meet up, but the food is made from scratch and delicious.
— A Meetup member

Saturday, Decembe

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanks for the visit - recent review

Vancouver, BC


My friend and I stopped by for a late lunch/early dinner. I ordered the chicken strips with a side of house salad, and my friend ordered a pound of wings and the house salad as well. We also shared the soup of the day, which was red curry with rice. The food came out super fast, and it was all really good. The chicken strips weren't dry, the wings were super tasty, and my friend loved her salad.

It's a really comfortable, laid back diner-style restaurant-slash-bar, which appeals to all age groups, from us young folks to seniors alike. We'd definitely like to come back to try more items from the menu.

Menu: large breakfast menu (although no eggs benedict), served till 5 pm. Appies, burgers and sandwiches, pasta, and more.
Price: Appetizers and burgers are reasonably priced (starting at around $8); main courses are $14-20-ish?
Service: our server was super friendly and helpful.
Ambiance: unpretentious, no-frills diner.

Additional room in the back with more seating.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec 11 Supper Concerts Little Mountian Trio @TheTipper

Come in for Supper and then enjoy the show 8-10 pm

Oct 9 - Just Duets
Nov 13 - the Joe Charron Trio
Dec 11 - the Little Mountain Trio
Jan 8 - Fraser Union
Feb 12 - Kathy & Andrea
Mar 12 - Lynn & Michael
April 9 - ErRatica

Show : 10$ per person at the door
Dinner : ala cart
Reservations : are not required for this special night. ( it's quicker for all if the restaurant isn't holding tables)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dec 3rd Urban Inkblots Photo Gallery By Amanda Paananen

Urban Inkblots

Photo Gallery by Amanda Paananen

Friday December 3rd 7pm

Featuring 5$ drink specials & 10$ dinner feature, Soul Music DJ

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kensington BCNDP Talent Night @TheTipper, Friday Nov 26th 7:30pm

Click on LINK for more info

6:00 pm a fantastic time for Dinner or Snack before the show
7:30 pm Doors to Event

Tipper's Menu: Feel Good a Return To Slow Food.

Book your own night at the Tipper??? ask us how!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tonight & Saturday; Brian & Friends "The Busy Signal"

Brian & Friends

Multi-media Comedy Show
Friday Nov. 19, & Saturday Nov. 20, 2010
Showtime - 8pm
The Tipper Restaurant & Review Room
2066 Kingsway (@ Victoria)

twitter : @TheTipper
Menu : Tipper's Menu

Friday, November 12, 2010

Larry steps in

Way to go Larry!

Local Guy does, what he does!

Click on Larry's photo for national news video!

One of the most able persons we know!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Supper Concerts 2010-2011 @TheTipper

Come in for Supper and then enjoy the show 8-10 pm

Oct 9 - Just Duets
Nov 13 - the Joe Charron Trio
Dec 11 - the Little Mountian Trio
Jan 8 - Fraser Union
Feb 12 - Kathy & Andrea
Mar 12 - Lynn & Michael
April 9 - ErRatica

Show : 10$ per person at the door
Dinner : ala cart
Reservations : are not required for this special night. ( it's quicker for all if the restaurant isn't holding tables)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thanks for the chance to clear this up! Whew!

Hello Shocked customer,

Thanks for the note and the chance to clear this up for you and others.

The Tipper does not handle the door for ANY shows or events. 100 % has always gone to the artists or organizers. This includes plays, art shows, live music, hanging art sales, board game clubs, AA meetings, fundraisers, etc ...

In regards to Monday night's Live Music Review. This is a night where artists new & seasoned can try out new songs, get some chops, stage time, get to know the room and see if they would like to host their own night. A cover is usually charged, however Artists don't pay to play, and get plus one guest admission complimentary. The small amount that is collected is for the organizers time to keep the night structured, & equipment etc. Live Music Review has only taken a night or two off in over Two Years perhaps lending its self to the impression that the Tipper is hosting the night.

LMR might (should) state in e-mails and ads that it is an unpaid event.

Once again, if an artist thinks they are a fit for the room and would like to host a show here receiving 100% of their cover - pls contact us.

With thanks,

The Tipper

Open for the Long Weekend! Starting from 8am daily.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good conduct reviewed. Thanks Andrew

ON THE PLATE: How to be a food blogger

by: Andrew Morrison of the Westender

this is what Andrew wrote....... LINK.... Click here!

love food & hope you do too!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Don't be shy - feedback is good.

Dear; Recent Review writer... I'm Sorry, please contact us at

In case you don't say hi. Service was good... Pls Don't be shy when the server asks how everything is. We want to know, that is why we ask! Please let us know while you are here - if you are not enjoying your 1st meal with us. We would rally at the chance to help find a menu item you enjoy.

An independent restaurant that cares - and really wants you to enjoy your meal, & consider it friendly when guests choose to let us know if there is a concern. It might be as simple as being prepared incorrectly, sampling a new product, or just not your thing.

also, Don't be shy - if you are using a coupon - we invited you to do so. :)

Recently added to the Tipper's on line ness- all reviews are forwarded to us.
The Tipper listens to customers, reads reviews and cares!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Must See. Shauna Johannesen's "Deadley" @TheFrieHallArtsCenter for VIFringeFestival


at The Firehall Arts Centre for the Vancouver International Fringe Festival.


Thurs. Sept. 9 - 9pm OPENING!

Fri. Sept. 10 - 11pm 2 for 1!

Sat. Sept. 11 - 7pm

Mon. Sept. 13 - 5pm Food Bank

Tues. Sept. 14 - 7pm

Thurs. Sept. 16 - 9pm

Fri. Sept. 17 - 5pm

Sat. Sept. 18 - 7pm CLOSING!

Written By Shauna Johannesen

Directed by Kelly-Ruth Mercier

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Colin Rink & Johnny Good Aug 7th ... Live!

Always a fun night when Colin Rink plays at The Tipper!

This Saturday August 7th Colin & Johnny Good light up our little stage in the Review Room.

9 pm

$ 5 big pints of Moosehead Lager! or Burger & Pint $10.00 for this show we love to host!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chika Buston & Eddie Lam July 31

A note from Chika....

Hello everyone, hope this finds you well and at peace with everything! Much thanks to everyone who made it out to our show last saturday at the Cafe Montmartre; my bandmates and I all felt it was a marvelous evening of music, good eats & drinks, and overall good vibes. Our successes are deeply rooted in the positive presence of others, and we cannot be more grateful for all the support we have continuously received from friends,... family, and future friends we have yet to have the pleasure of meeting.

Once again, my bandmates and I are hosting a concert, this time at a really fantastic lounge space at a restaurant called "the Bottle Tipper", also fondly known simply as "the Tipper". Since its inception, the Tipper Review Room has embraced the full scope of local art, ranging from the visual arts to diverse comedy and musical acts. In addition to supporting Vancouver's arts and culture community, the Tipper has also maintained a mandate of serving deliciously fresh food, to which I can personally attest! Especially for anyone of vegetarian leanings, a meal at the Tipper is not to be passed up. Please feel free to check out the Tipper's Blog and Facebook Page:

For anyone that hasn't caught us before, my group is presently comprised of two wonderful players; Nic Bermudez on electric bass and Josh Dubland on drums. Together, we've been playing music mostly in the ranges of mellow latin jazz, various folk and instrumental styles, and have made it a point to always enjoy ourselves! It would be wonderful to have you join us on the 31st for an evening spell of music, wining, and dining!

***Guest TBA
****For reservations, please call (604)-873-1010.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Colin Rink & Johnny Good Live @ The Tipper

Always a fun night when Colin Rink plays at The Tipper!

This Saturday July 3rd Colin & Johnny Good light up our little stage in the Review Room.

9 pm

$ 5 big pints of Moosehead Lager! or Burger & Pint $10.00 for this show we love to host!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Chris Arruda with Painted Cities & Tim Parent May 22

Singer Songwriter Chris Arruda

May 22nd @ The Bottle Tipper (Vancouver) w/ Painted Cities + Tim Parent

Doors: 8pm

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Recent Tipper Review

L***** G.

Vancouver, BC

Updated - 4/9/2010

The Tipper has definitely turned into a good place to go in the Eastside.
Though Victoria/Kingsway is blessed with a lot of Vietnamese/South Asian/Chinese fare, it's often tough to find good burgers, good breakfasts, and that relaxed, neighbourhood ambience that makes you want to stay.

That happened the other day: we were sauntering down Victoria when a monsoon hit and we ran for cover. And what a port in the storm! Good coffee, excellent cheesecakes, and the feeling we'd walked into an sitcom "Friends/Seinfeld" episode.

Later in the week, a friend whose food advice is trusted suggested it as THE new place to meet for dinner. He was right, and I was so familiar with it, I hadn't even thought to make the suggestion.

Was this review …?

1 Previous Review:


The Bottle Tipper.
Fairly average all around. Menu - average. Service - average. Decor - average.
We eat here on a semi regular basis, having a like/like relationship with the place. We've never had an awful experience here, otherwise we'd not return. Staff is friendly. Last time we visited the owner remarked on my sketching. I have a habit of sketching on napkins while drinking my coffee. Often I leave them on the table, wondering if the waitstaff recognizes themselves in my doodles....It made me feel special and almost famous somehow. Nice personal touch but the menu needs something.... breakfast could benefit nicely by the addition of an eggs benedict.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Phase Fire Films @ The Tipper

Yes - this is the right place!

Just click on link to the Phase Fire Films web page for more information....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MOJAVE @ The Tipper, Saturday March 27th

Since our CD release party was such a success at blending art and music, we're doing it again - this time with local artists displaying their works.

$4 sleeves & $5 pints!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Recent Tipper Review posted on CHOW

Fantastic spot!

5 stars

This slightly out-of-the-way restaurant on a busy boulevard offers a simple but delicious menu of fresh food. The Tipper salad is outstanding, the pasta dishes are made with fresh ingredients and outstanding, the roast beef sandwich melts in your mouth and the seafood chowder is highly recommended. I was trapped in the hotel across the street during the recent Olympics (was covering as a journalist) and ate at The Tipper for 20 straight (very late) nights. I appreciated the tasty beers and high-quality menu. Definitely drop by... and say hi to Collin and Cameron.-COLLAPSE (by Amy Shipley, updated March 4, 2010)

Monday, January 25, 2010

TIPPER exclusive - PROJECT: 2012 - Live/Video/Music

Hey Tipper Fans,

come to the Tipper to check out the The 4th Project Series production - PROJECT: 2012

January 28, 29 & 30th, 2010
February 4, 5 & 6th, 2010

PROJECT 2012 - takes you on a one-of-a-kind multimedia (video & live) roller coaster ride of comedy and drama though a collection of snapshots from a World fearing the prophesied end. Watch how humanity handles the question of its own demise through the eyes of an adventuresome traveler, Army scouts, last minute lovers, an inept PM and an overconfident survivalist in the Deep South.

Project: 2012 Trailer #2

Seating is limited so buy ON-LINE:

Written by : Ryan Smith & Brian Calvert
Directed by : Ryan Smith

Thanks for your continued support,

The Project Series Team