Thursday, December 17, 2015

Recent review On yelp.

4.0 star rating
Been there twice now. Pretty standard fair, really nice staff. Solid fries, but when I ordered the buffalo burger it seemed like the patty was dry or cooked from frozen, which wouldn't have been a huge problem if It didn't cost $16+.

Thanks John for waiting until your second visit to write a review. Would like to thank you too for letting us know that the buffalo burger you ate was perceived to be dry. I say perceived because we didn't discuss it in the restaurant, I read it in the review you wrote. Although, it's such a lean product that Yes it can be over cooked in just a few moments and I / we appreciate the feedback. Especially since we are extra passionate about our Buffalo and want all to enjoy.

Will also let you know that The product is Fresh from Famous foods where we shop daily. Not frozen, not.

Also for all those Fresh, Free Run, Organic Buffalo Burger eaters a Fresh hand pressed 6oz patty in your burger that comes with real cheddddar and a generous side at 15.50 plus tax (which we do not control) is great value. Actually should be up for review for a little increase to reflect the cost and time put into the product. 

You are correct a dry buffalo burger isn't fun and one of our really nice staff would like to hear about it when it is in front of you & we can fix it no fuss. 

Please say hi if you choose to join us again.

all the best - Colin

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