Sunday, February 17, 2013

Louise on Yelp

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O Tipper!  We met a few years ago, you were the new kid in town.   We just seemed to click, you know.   Things have been great since the very beginning when you was new.  Everything has continued to be wonderful even as things change and develop.  It's always fun to hang out and all my friends love you.  The perfect relationship!

Fastest way to this girl's heart is through her stomach, that's for sure but once I gave you my heart, you took good care of it.   You take good care of your friends, like your customers and your staff.   That's one of the things I really, really like about you.

You mean so much to me Tipper that I wanted to make you my milestone 400th review in a row because you've also got a long history here on Yelp, and a long history with me.   Thanks for being so wonderful and welcoming.

*Review 400 / 365 personal challenge
Saved. Thanks!

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Vancouver, BC

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