Monday, October 8, 2012

A note from "C" My Name is Colin Shandler

My Name is Colin Shandler .... not "C" and I do take responsibility for my co workers.

In regards to a recent note where there isn't a way to contact the customer directly and they have posted their note for the world. It's simple just like our menu... Not Fancy - Just Fresh!  We are a good times place, and we would like to share it with fun genuine people. From time to time with all restaurants mistakes are made, food, or flavours are not what was expected etc. We fix it no fuss.

Who feels the need to get up from the table and return the food to the kitchen passthru before the server could run the remaining items. In my time as a General Manager I haven't seen anyone do that at Milestone's, SJP, A&W or Moxie's. Further; if you are not fine, please do not say that you are, that isn't genuine now is it? esp after the entire bill was taken care of, not just the person who had the incorrect meal.

Choices have been made - I do make a point of hiring genuine people who get to be them selves while they serve the food people thankfully choose to order. Wear what they like, might even show a few tattoos...

Servers not Servants.

I honor and support the calls my staff make, if they choose not to serve someone who is intoxicated, obnoxious, rude, etc... well sorry you will have to visit us another day. This also goes for the kitchen staff, if they choose not to cook something based on quality, freshness etc... then we do not serve it.

Our marketing is light due to being community focused - we do get to know a large number of our customers and they get to know us.

Once again, We fix it no fuss... it's not a big deal, we want all to be happy.

My internal approach is People, Product, Profit.

People come first!

We don't cook with Margerine, Bennys have fresh cool ingredients in them too, and almost everyone has a pocket with a few pennies.

"C" ;)

The Tipper

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  1. Good post! But I would say in this city there are a lot of snooty waitresses. If you ask for a substitution due to allergies (say swapping out cheese for mushrooms on a burger.. I mean cheese is more expensive and I'm paying for it anyway.) or they make a mistake on the order, or you order water to drink, they get offended. The customer is the one paying for the food and if the service is lacking, customers don't want to pay for it. I would keep that in mind when you take a waitresses view over the customer. I've found a twist tie in a burger at another restaraunt and the waitress just said 'we don't use twist ties in our kitchen.' What a way to scare off a customer for good. I say this not to disagree with your post but just as a caution that the waitress may not always be right. And a rude customer that has been offended can be made into a loyal fan for life when a company really makes good for any mistakes and goes that extra step. Thanks for good service and food from what I've seen so far!