Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thanks for the chance to clear this up! Whew!

Hello Shocked customer,

Thanks for the note and the chance to clear this up for you and others.

The Tipper does not handle the door for ANY shows or events. 100 % has always gone to the artists or organizers. This includes plays, art shows, live music, hanging art sales, board game clubs, AA meetings, fundraisers, etc ...

In regards to Monday night's Live Music Review. This is a night where artists new & seasoned can try out new songs, get some chops, stage time, get to know the room and see if they would like to host their own night. A cover is usually charged, however Artists don't pay to play, and get plus one guest admission complimentary. The small amount that is collected is for the organizers time to keep the night structured, & equipment etc. Live Music Review has only taken a night or two off in over Two Years perhaps lending its self to the impression that the Tipper is hosting the night.

LMR might (should) state in e-mails and ads that it is an unpaid event.

Once again, if an artist thinks they are a fit for the room and would like to host a show here receiving 100% of their cover - pls contact us.

With thanks,

The Tipper

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