Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Hi   ***,

Thank you for the note.  I can type faster then I can talk. So this will be wordy. 

Perhaps you didn't see we offer a $6.00 pint of a rotating tap from the time we are able to serve until the time we are not able to serve.

That is lower than most places. Also, we are one of few places that actually pays its staff higher than minimum wage.  After 12 years at this location I still don't pay myself more than a 1000.00 per month. To continue to provide the best food I can purchase and prepare while putting my people first. I have lived out of the trunk of my car for a year and squatted on a pals boat for 3 years. Our building may have history and in your opinion there are classier places. So the difference isn't going into my pocket. 

as a restaurant we are faced with un relenting ever increasing costs, rents, source deductions, vacation pay, and not shy to admit that my profit margin goal is 3%. Haven't hit that yet.  Perhaps you have some food service tips.


Perhaps you didn't know: 

We don't charge a fee for the concert series even though they do charge admission... because, we love the performers. I pay for x2 extra staff on those evening to be able to handle the 40plus people who think they all need to arrive 1.5 hours and be fed before the show. Being busy isn't always cost effective. 

truthfully...  We might not host future shows and events 

We might not re sign the lease that expires April 30th of this year

I was thanked by an police officer the other day, Perhaps the reason our place isn't visited by the police for drunken behaviour in the 12 years is for the sensible liquor pricing.

Kindly sir or madams. We will not choose to win the race to the bottom of the classiness barrel by lowering our liquor prices too much. A Family friendly place that serves liquor is fine with me. 

The Tipper is its own thing, we have hosted over 1000 AA meetings in the 12 years and don't charge extra for the room either. 

This is a place where I care more about being loyal to my food program and not concern myself with what others think our pricing should be. Our menu is costed regularly and balanced with what we purchase. The numbers are not made up. 

Thank you for listening. 

I have shared this with you since others may have concerns for our pricing within your circle, and out of loyalty to the gents in Fraser union. 

Thank you for the reminder I Haven't increased our prices recently and will take a look to see where we are at. 

Best Wishes,

Colin Shandler
The Tipper

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