Monday, August 8, 2016

The Tipper

Agreed, It's a bummer when you have something in mind and don't get what you want. We consistently serve breakfast daily between 8 am -4 pm. Saturday and Sunday Bennys (although not on holidays ) which would be considered our brunch items. They start at 10am until 2pm to keep our real home made hollandaise within the time temperature limits, but usually sell out before then. We are a fresh food restaurant and will serve the best of what we have so there will be some variation of ingredients. Our commitment is quality over chain style ingredient cloning. We even cut our own free range chicken breasts into strips. They are not pre formed frozen strips they are real and may be different sizes, so cooking them needs extra care. Thanks for the heads up with over cooked strips. Our service style is also a non corporate cookie cutter approach. They get to be them selves and do their best with the fluctuating ever changing fresh ingredients. If you do have a food concern when you are in please do let us know and we will address it no fuss.

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