Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dear Web Designers and Web Sales people. Please Stop!

Dear Web Designers and Web Sales people.

Please stop! Please stop calling, e-mailing us.

We are a simple venue, restaurant which prefers eye contact. In fact our regulars most likely don't know or give two hoots that we have a web site. The frequent calls takes away from our passion... keeping it simple, unassuming, using locally sourced ingredients, serving an honest product, and interacting with our community.

Here it is. If you found us to send us an e-mail stating that our Web presence is weak and non effective. It was is effective enough for you to find us in the first place.

It pleases me to know that our food it better than our web site / presence and not the other way around.

However we do wish you all the best and guess that the job isn't an easy one. Save your time.

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