Friday, July 5, 2013

Thank you for your comments!

Thank you for the visit and taking the time to share your view of the experience.

Truth be told I'm personally not a fan of the one visit reviewers, since I care about serving a honest fresh product in a safe, and cozy environment. Keeping us small, fresh and under the radar. Really not trying to go for the big growth and pleasing everyone.

We / I do hear and check into the comments posted, and really appreciate the ones given to us directly via our serving staff, a note on the bill, or an e-mail to

Most of our customers are regulars and pass along any concerns right to us... it's much quicker and gives us the chance to let them know what we are up to, the direction we are going, plus thank them for saying so. We consider this feedback friendly, like when you have something stuck in your teeth... we all would like to know right. :)

Our breakfast prices which may seem higher than other places are a reflection of the cost & preparation of the products. Products fresh as we can get them, including free run eggs, fresh bacon, and hand cut real potatoes to name a few. We have been told on many occasion by our friends they don't get that the ill feeling after eating our breakfasts.

Perhaps some didn't know at the Tipper the draft & wine pricing is 10% to 30% lower, $5 rotating big pint. First timers wanna give us a try on a discount??? You are invited to Check out the Entertainment book, or the Vancouver Courier (last Friday of the month). Also,  Monday to Friday Seat Sale for 7.75$

Cameron ensures our Coffee urns are cleaned daily and that deep clean weekly.
Correct lid is now on the salt shaker.
Yes, our current veggie sausage is an Eves product, we are sampling some new in house recipies that we are not ready to release to the masses yet. Try the House made Veggie burger... I like it much and it's filling!

Keep Smiling,

The Tipper!

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