Thursday, April 19, 2012

Recent @TheTipper Review on Yelp

5.0 star rating
Now THIS is what I'm talking about!  Vancouver needs more of this.  It was like a healthier version of my fave thing when I eat out: a chicken burger with yam fries.  The yam fries were like hand cut with no extra garbage on them and the burger came with a gluten free bun.  AWESOME!  The chicken was delicious!  My boyfriend had a regular burger with cheese and mushrooms and bacon.  It looked so good.  He devoured it and loved it.

The service was very friendly.  (Only he didn't come by the table to ask how the meal was because if he had I would have asked for more mayo for the burger.  [I love mayo to death.  The burger could have used more sauce.]  He came at the end.  It doesn't bother me too much though since he was super nice.)  I liked that they have a sign 'seat yourselves' so we could sit where ever we wanted.  I find it annoying in a restaraunt when it's not busy and then they seat you in some crap spot so it's nice to have freedom of choice.  haha  I liked the decor with some local art and the casual vibe.  It makes me feel like I could come here anytime.

So happy to find a place that offers gluten free food that tastes so good and fresh and isn't a rip-off price served alongside glutenous food, so that it just feels like I'm normal.  We will definately go back!  Can't wait!  I want it now!

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