Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recent e-mail from one of our guests!

More vegan options!

Don't know much about vegan food? It's not all soy. It's not all raw. It's not boring. Some vegans, just as with some non-vegans, are stupid and think you have to put tofu in everything to make it vegan. This is not true in the least. Ignore recipes that are titled things like "tofu cupcakes". There is no reason in hell or on earth why anyone should ever put tofu in a cupcake. You can make perfectly good cakes, pies, burgers, pastas, sandwiches, burritos, anything!, that are perfectly vegan without any soy products at all. FYI. We're not talking "fake food" here. We're talking real food.

Please. Seriously. Check out these cookbooks and you'll see some examples of awesome food you could be serving that customers such as ourselves would be more inclined to enjoy:
Veganomicon - Isa Chandra Moskowitz
Vegan Brunch - Isa Chandra Moskowitz
Vive le Vegan - Dreena Burton
Eat Drink & Be Vegan - Dreena Burton
The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen - Donna Klein

Especially that Vegan Brunch one, and Veganomicon.
The internet is a grand place for learning and inspiration too of course:
Food Network Vegan Recipes
Canadian Living Vegan Recipes

And how could we resist including some of the many articles being printed lately about how veganism is hitting the mainstream?


Your restaurant has got the best atmosphere out of all the places in the area. It'd be great to see your menu become just as accommodating as the rest of your establishment!

Thank you very much for reading :)

E & G


  1. The Tipper is very accommodating:) Good way to put it! I have one unrelated, but important question: you playing the game (with volume!) on Friday night? Thanks!

  2. Hello Jessica.

    Yes the game will be on with volume in the main dining room.

    For those of you attending Jane Slemon's CD party the game will be on in the Review Room too.